Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Module 1, Chapter 10: Zigzag book, Page 8


Zigzag Book, Page 8: Our Lady of Earth, Air and Sea...
Techniques: Colour Mixing (Chapter 1.4); Mark Making (Chapter 1);Resist Painting (Chapter );
Cutting and 
Sticking (Chapter ).
Materials: Brushes; Watercolours; Glue; Craft Knife, Cutting Mat and Thick Rule: Decorated Paper left
from Page 1 (The World as a Blue Marble). 

Inspiration: Books of Hours; Renaissance Paintings; Icons; Cat's Eye, by Margaret Atwood.


Note: This looks a very childish effort, but I'm not very good at painting and drawing (with the other pages I found ways round that, using other techniques which gave the effect I was seeking). However, I wanted one page to be a painting, celebrating the 'proper' art which inspired my zigzag book, so I've had a go, and done the best I can, and practised colour washes (not very successfully), and using masking fluid (to try and get a neater edge round the figure and for the edges of the gold arch (again, not very successfully). 

It represents Earth, Air and Sea - the blue starry-looking things on the main background are meant to be flowers, and the wavy lines are meant to be the sea. The figure is holding a blue marble, cut from paper left over from Page 1 (the World as a Blue Marble). I like marbles - I've always imagined hidden worlds within them, so this one could be our world (like that famous Blue Marble image), In Margaret Atwood's Book a cat's eye marble can't be bought, it can only be won in a game, so it's an achievement, and reflects the sense of achievement I feel in creating my book!

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