Sunday, 12 October 2014

Hidden Apples

Creative Sketchbook, Module 1
Chapter 2,
Extra Activity 2

Take your template and draw your shape several times on a page. Shapes can be overlapped or rotated or flipped. Divide page into a large grid. Spacing can be at right angles or with diagonals. Using complementary or analogous colours paint your pictures changing colour when you reach a grid line.

I feel doomed on this chapter. Everything seems to have gone wrong, though this time it’s my own fault, because I didn’t read the instructions properly. I produced two lovely pictures (well, I like them) of overlapping apples, with each section painted in a different colour, and one is complementary (red/green) and the other is analogous (yellow green, yellow, yellow orange). So, spot the mistake… The grid is missing on both pictures. I can only sigh, reprimand myself for my own stupidity, and start again… I had such fun doing these as well! 

 OK, here we are… Two practically perfect pictures (well, they meet the brief at any rate!). Actually, I think the first two were neater, and both the analogous compositions have a yellow that turned green when I added black (again), so they don’t look quite as harmonious as they should. But I like the reds and greens of the second complementary picture.  

And I’ve had every bit as much fun with my ‘do it agains’ as I did first time around. I really enjoyed this activity: I love the way it distorts the original image, so the colours and shapes are not what you expect, but when you look closely the apples are still there (more visible with the grid than without), camouflaged perhaps, but untouched and unblemished. It’s just a different way of looking things… A bit like life I guess.

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