Sunday, 12 October 2014

Op Art Apples

Creative Sketchbook, Module 1,

Chapter 2, Activity 2.2


Paint simple shapes with differing proportions of complementary colours to create optical colour mixing 

Many, many years ago, I had a black and white ‘op art’ dress in a squashed rectangle design, which looked uniformly grey from a distance, but made my eyes go googly if I looked at it too closely!  

I expected this exercise would produce a similar effect as far as colour concerned, but I don’t think it has. Nor do my paintings give any sense of movement like the ‘op art’ designs I remember from my youth. Perhaps I should have painted an apple with smaller shapes, but my eyes (by which I really mean the varifocals) aren’t up to coping with anything much smaller! I wish now I’d tried to experiment more with mixing different shapes and sizes, like I did on apple 3. It was an interesting activity, but I’m not sure I like it!

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