Sunday, 30 March 2014



Oh boy, was this irritating! Tissue paper is not the easiest thing to work with. In the end I drew the shapes on ordinary paper, cut them out, then used them as templates and tore the tissue around them – not sure if this is really permissible, but it gave better results than my free-hand attempts.

Then, I laid the pieces out on a piece of paper, looking carefully at a photograph, and everything looked OK. Then, I started glueing with Pritt Stick, and oh dear, what a mess!!! I swear I wasn’t breathing, and those pieces still moved around as I worked - and as soon as I applied the smallest spot of glue they adhered like concrete, at odd angles and peculiar distances, and couldn't be buedged at all.

Spray glue may have given manoeuvrability, but I was reluctant to use it because I always manage to cover everything in sight (and even things that can't be seen) with glue when I use it. Besides which I suspect the tissue paper would still have been difficult to place.

Anyway, here is my effort. Not perfect by any means, but I think it will do.

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