Sunday, 30 March 2014

Update on the Wall...

Sadly, I got all behind-hand, because the weather was so awful when I started the course, and I couldn’t do any rubbings for a couple of weeks, then we had a leak in the roof, and it rained into the attic and spare room, and things had to be shifted around, and that took time.

Once I got going I really enjoyed myself, and I’ve had great fun playing around, did get discouraged, because I was so slow, and felt nothing was quite working out as I planned. However, after meeting Sian at the NEC, and looking at all the exhibitions by such imaginative and talented stitchers, I got all enthused again, and came back with no money (because I bought too many bits and pieces!) but lots of ideas. I found the various sketchbooks on show with people’s work particularly interesting, and they made me realise there is no right or wrong way of doing things, so I’m doing it my way (I feel I should burst into song here!) and learning from my mistakes.

One mistake was hoarding samples, photos, paper etc in a box, because I was a bit scared of working directly into the sketchbook. It meant sticking in lots of things in one go! Additionally, if I’d been organised with the sketchbook, and kept it up to date as I went along, I could have put up regular posts, which would have been much more sensible.

Instead, I’m now posting all my work so far (I still need to finish the resolved samples). I’m trying to post photos of the pages in my sketchbook, section by section, so it may take a couple of days, and I have no idea how effective this may be. If it doesn’t work out I’ll post individual pictures and type in the text!  

So here goes… First up…

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